Seasonal Maintenances

There are important things you should always check ever season change. Each maintenance is broken up for every season in lists.

fall home cleaning


With fall getting ready to turn its head, I decided to start with Fall first.

  • Flush your water heater and remove any sediment.
  • Store all air conditioners and if you have central air cover the unit up.
  • Get your heater system ready for winter.
  • Turn off and flush outdoor water faucets.
  • If you have a chimney, get it cleaned.
  • Test your sump pump.
  • Check your driveway for cracks.
  • Get ready for winter and buy some gear.


  • Regularly check for icicles and ice dams.
  • Check your electricity – outlets – to the best of your ability.┬áBe very careful when doing this.
  • Tighten any handles and knobs.
  • Check all of your locks and deadbolts.
  • Repair all of the caulking in your shower and bathtubs, if needed.
  • Clean any sediment when removing showerheads.
  • If you have a basement, deep clean and inspect it. You have to make sure your basement it clean at all times. Your basement is your number one storage place – especially if you don’t have an attic – and you can just throw things in there willy-nilly, and it can get piled up.

cleaning gutter


  • Check for exterior damage. Make sure your home is going to be ready for the rainfall you may see during spring.
  • Clean out your gutters or if you can’t do it yourself, hire someone to do it for you.
  • Get air conditioning ready for summer.
  • Repair or replace all damaged window screens.
  • Clean dead plants and shrubs from around your home.
  • Inspect your roof and repair any damages that winter may have brought to your roof.


  • Check for grout in your bathroom and kitchen. If you need to fix anything, change it.
  • Inspect plumbing for leaks and clean faucets.
  • Inspect for insects and fix any problems before they get worse.
  • Clean your deck and patio. Repair any damage if necessary.
  • Check and clean all vents that can lead to the exterior of your home.
  • Last but not least, clean your garage.